Review Policy

I’m blogging about books mainly because I like talking about books and history and romance. I love recommending books, but I’m not big on grades, and not all my posts are straight-up book reviews.

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I do read critically, and frequently compare books to other books, or films, or who knows what-all. In most of my posts, you’ll be able to tell whether I’m giving the book a good review or a less-than-good review. Either way, my opinion is never influenced by where or how I acquired the book. At least this is what I strive for. Since I began blogging there’s been quite a lot of chatter about the role of reviews in romanceland, and the relationship(s) between/among authors, readers, and reviewers. I shall just say that I do my level best to write about books respectfully, thoughtfully, and critically.

I purchase nearly all the books I post about, but I do occasionally accept an ARC or other free book from an author or publisher. I may or may not review a book I have received for free. At this point in the life of this blog, I’m only reviewing a book if I find I have something to say about it, and sometimes what I have to say is less about the book in question, and more about something the book connects to.

If questions, please leave a comment, tweet me, or send email to orvirtuerewarded AT gmail DOT com.

2 thoughts on “Review Policy

  1. Hi, I enjoyed your posts and agree with the frustration many have about bad history in the books. I am currently writing (2 published) Rev War Romances. I call the series Edge of Empire. I dislike easy stories about good Americans/ bad Englishmen and mine are not. I have degrees in history (worked with Jane Kamensky, Jill LePore’s partner in Blindspot which I saw in the blog) My stuff can be found at where I blog a lot about real history and occasionally mention my fiction.

    • pamela1740 says:

      Thanks for visiting! Rev War romances are a special favorite sub-genre. I had mixed feelings about Blindspot but it was great history! Look forward to checking out your blog & books.


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